Danielle Eynon Black

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Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light is the leading behavioral cause of skin cancer. This study evaluated the efficacy of 2 interventions to reduce UV exposure in college students prior to an opportunity for high-intensity exposure. Participants of 1 college campus were assigned randomly to 1 of 2 interventions prior to their spring holiday spent in a warm,(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine parenting styles and associated parenting practices in youth sport. Following a season-long period of fieldwork, primary data were collected via interviews with 56 parents and supplemented by interviews with 34 of their female children. Data analysis was guided by Grolnick's (2003) theory of parenting styles.(More)
In this article, the authors consider the empirical status of batterer intervention programs (BIPs) for male perpetrators of intimate partner violence (IPV). Recent reviews have reported only small average effect sizes for BIPs, with the small number of randomized trials showing little benefit of BIP attendance in preventing future abuse. The most widely(More)
  • D Black
  • 1991
Health care systems, irrespective of how they are financed, present the paradox that to some observers they appear as a major component of social benefits, while to other observers they seem both excessively costly and limited in their effectiveness. These differing perceptions may be explained in part by the diversity of the determinants of health and(More)
We assessed young adolescent female soccer players' perceptions of their peer group experiences. Data were collected via interviews with 34 girls from two youth soccer teams (M age = 13.0 years). Following inductive discovery analysis, data were subjected to an interpretive theoretical analysis guided by a model of peer experiences (Rubin, Bukowski, &(More)
Two child psychiatrists discuss some ethical issues in child psychiatric practice in relation to the guidelines in the British Medical Association's Handbook of Medical Ethics. Many of their concerns about confidentiality, consent, and the role of the psychiatrist as the child's advocate are seen as arising from the undefined working relationships between(More)
  • D Black
  • 1981
Black, president of the Royal College of Physicians, takes issue with the contention of Ian Kennedy, the London University lawyer who delivered the BBC's 1980 Reith Lectures, that physicians rely too much on scientific problem solving at the expense of health promotion and preventive medicine. Black agrees that it is important to encourage preventive(More)