Danielle Duez

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The current study compared vowel and consonant duration in speech read by 10 French Parkinsonian speakers and 10 control speakers. The results show a different impact of Parkinson’s disease (PD) on speech segments. Consonants were shortened in PD speech while vowels were significantly longer. This results from the concomitance of articulatory movements of(More)
In the current analysis we examined the acoustic and phonetic characteristics of filled pauses in spontaneous French speech and their relationship to the prosody of the surrounding context. Two main results emerged : 1) There was no effect of the duration of filled pauses or their sentence location on their F0 patterns or on the differences between the(More)
The present study investigates the duration of syllables with relation to position within phrases and the pattern of segment omissions within syllables in a text read by 12 French PD patients and 12 French control subjects. Three main tendencies emerged. The first was similar duration of syllables in PD and control speech, which may result from a(More)
The following paper presents spectrographic data of consonant sequences containing one or two consonants omitted and/or changed into another consonant when compared to an existing perception analysis. In most cases, perceptual and acoustic data are shown to strongly correspond, proving that consonants had indeed been changed, significantly reduced or(More)
This paper presents the rationale, objectives and advances of an on-going project (the DesPho-APaDy project funded by the French National Agency of Research) which aims to provide a systematic and quantified description of French dysarthric speech, over a large population of patients and three dysarthria types (related to the parkinson's disease, the(More)
  • Danielle Duez
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  • 2009
OBJECTIVES The present study had 2 main objectives: (1) examine the effect of Parkinson's disease (PD) on vowel and consonant duration in French read speech and (2) investigate whether the durational contrasts of consonants and vowels are maintained or compromised. RESULTS The data indicated that the consonant durations were shortened in Parkinsonian(More)