Danielle D Martin

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OBJECTIVES To explore the increased incidence of intravenous immunoglobulin- (IVIG) resistance among San Diego County patients with Kawasaki disease (KD) in 2006 and to evaluate a scoring system to predict IVIG-resistant patients with KD. STUDY DESIGN We performed a retrospective review of patients with KD treated within 10 days of fever onset. With(More)
OBJECTIVE We sought to study and procure reference values for weight-related maximum isometric grip force (MIGF), maximum voluntary force in relation to body weight (Fmvrel) and peak whole body stiffness (pKwb) in multiple one-legged hopping (m1LH) in childhood. METHODS We examined 868 children and adolescents (436 female) aged 3 to 19 yrs. Weight related(More)
OBJECTIVE We sought to procure age- and gender- related reference data and study the characteristics of body weight related peak force (pFrel), body mass related peak power (pPrel) for counter movement jumps (single two-legged jumps, s2LJ) and chair rising tests (CRT) in children. METHODS We examined 868 healthy participants (436 female) aged 3 to 19(More)
A 3-year-old Quarter Horse gelding was treated for left guttural pouch mycosis by ligation and balloon catheterization of the left internal carotid artery. Catheter advancement was shorter (10 cm) than the normally reported distance (13-15 cm), but was observed endoscopically during placement as it coursed within the internal carotid artery through the(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to determine the hemodynamic effects of epidural ketamine administered during isoflurane anesthesia in dogs. STUDY DESIGN Prospective, single-dose trial. ANIMALS Six healthy dogs (five males, one female) weighing 25.3 +/- 3.88 kg. METHODS Once anesthesia was induced, dogs were maintained at 1.5 times the(More)
Rupture of the suspensory ligament at the insertions on the proximal sesamoid bones, and of the superficial flexor tendon of the left fore limb, occurred in an adult Angus bull as a result of fighting. There was severe hyperextension of the metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint with the dewclaws almost touching the ground. Radiographs revealed severe(More)
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