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The concept of dynamic capabilities is both extremely popular and poorly understood, because researchers approach it from the " outside in. " This perspective obscures the social processes through which people enact the capability, and black boxes the dynamics through which they combine exploitation with exploration. We explore the dynamic capability for(More)
BACKGROUND Most clinicians have no training about domestic violence, fail to identify patients experiencing abuse, and are uncertain about management after disclosure. We tested the effectiveness of a programme of training and support in primary health-care practices to increase identification of women experiencing domestic violence and their referral to(More)
BACKGROUND Domestic violence, which may be psychological, physical, sexual, financial or emotional, is a major public health problem due to the long-term health consequences for women who have experienced it and for their children who witness it. In populations of women attending general practice, the prevalence of physical or sexual abuse in the past year(More)
This study focuses on the process by which IBM transitioned from being a leader in the fledgling but failing plasma display market in the early 1980s to being a leader in the emerging liquid crystal display (LCD) market in the early 1990s. By contrast, nearly all other early plasma supporters failed to capitalize on the emergence of LCD. I call the process(More)
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