Danielle Clode

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Portraits, both photographic and painted, are often produced with more of one side of the face showing than the other. Typically, the left side of the face is overrepresented, with the head turned slightly to the sitter's right. This leftward bias is weaker for painted male portraits and non-existent for portraits of scientists from the Royal Society. What(More)
Prenatal exposure to testosterone is proposed to promote development of the right hemisphere and increase the incidence of sinistrality. This proposition was tested by comparing the hand preference of 59 opposite-sex and 61 same-sex dizygotic twins. Because testosterone is thought to pass between twins in utero, it was predicted that females with a male(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify prescription drug-seeking behaviour patterns among young people who subsequently died of heroin-related overdose. DESIGN Linkage of Medicare and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and Coroner's Court records from Victoria. SUBJECTS Two hundred and two 15-24-year-olds who died of heroin-related overdose between 6 January 1994 and 6(More)
The evolution of aggregation in seabirds is usually attributed to predation pressure, although many authors have argued for the role of foraging constraints to be considered. Discriminating between factors that result in group living and characteristics arising from group living has been regarded as an insoluble problem; yet it is possible to test the(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify patterns of mental health, prescription drug use and personal circumstances associated with heroin overdose in young people. DESIGN Linkage of data on use of Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) prescription drugs with data from a self-report questionnaire. SETTING Inner metropolitan Melbourne, Australia. SUBJECTS 163 young(More)
Research, using composite facial photographs has demonstrated that left-left composites are more emotionally expressive than are right-right composites. The present study investigated whether hemifacial asymmetries in expression are apparent in photographs, that feature one side of the face more than the other. Photographs were taken of the models who(More)
Nicholls et al. (1999, Proc. Royal Soc. B, 266, 1517-1522) demonstrated that models turn their left or right cheeks when expressing or concealing emotion, respectively. This study examined whether emotionally expressive individuals are more likely to turn their left cheek when posing for a photograph than less emotionally expressive individuals. One hundred(More)
Temazepam capsules have become a popular choice for benzodiazepine injection by injecting drug users, and serious vascular and tissue damage leading to ulcers and gangrene can result. We compared the self-reported benzodiazepine injecting behaviour of 91 heroin users with their Pharmaceutical Benefits Schedule (PBS) records for the preceding 5 years. We(More)
The proposition that visual field asymmetries can be produced through priming the left hemisphere with verbal material was investigated. In the first experiment a two-choice neutral detection task was established to measure biases of attention between the visual fields. In the second experiment, a priming effect was achieved by superimposing each trial with(More)
Methyl 2,3-O-benzylidene-6-deoxy-alpha-L-mannopyranoside (2) reacted with butyllithium to give a mixture of 1,5-anhydro-3-C-butyl-1,2,6-trideoxy-L-ribo-hex-1-enitol (3) and its L-arabino analogue (4), together with methyl 2,3,6-trideoxy-alpha-L-erythro-hex-2-enopyranoside (5). In contrast, the 4-O-methyl-analogue (8) of 2 was converted by butyllithium into(More)