Danielle C Ailts Campeau

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Strategies for managing the nervous system are numerous while methods of evaluating the nervous system are limited. Given the physiological importance of neurotransmitters as signaling molecules in the nervous system, the measurement of neurotransmitters has significant potential as a clinical tool. Of all the biological fluids that can be utilized, urinary(More)
In Africa, many public health interventions related to the fight against HIV/AIDS are aimed at women commercial sex workers. The practices of sexual labour and prostitution are not universal, and considering them within their specific cultural context is vital to understanding these women's needs and the prevention of HIV/AIDS. An exploratory qualitative(More)
A procedure was developed for gas chromatographic analysis of glycine-type amphoteric surfactants. The commercial samples contained N-alkylaminopropylglycines, N-alkylamines and N-alkylaminopropylamines. Some di- and triacids were also detected. The method proposed allows a good separation according to both the carbon number and the chemical function.
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