Danielle Argiro

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1. INTRODUCTION Khoros is an integrated development environment (IDE) that allows researchers and scientists to solve problems related to scientific computing and visualization. Khoros contains over 300 programs, or operators for information processing, data exploration, image and signal processing, and data visualiza-tion. Generalized to form a broad(More)
The xvlang library of the Khoros system supports an object oriented approach to the design and implementation of visual programming languages. The visual programming objects ooered by the xvlang visual programming toolkit are currently used by Cantata, the visual programming language of the Khoros system. This paper is an overview of the design, features,(More)
XVision is a software system for image processing research, education and applications. Xyvision utilizes the X Window System Version 11, which provides a network transparent windowing environment and software portability. Xyvision is designed to facilitate:<list><item>data and algorithm exchange of new computer vision/image processing techniques,(More)
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