Danielle Aparecida Gomes Pereira

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Kleine-Levin Syndrome is an unusual sleep disorder occurring predominantly, but not exclusively, in late adolescent males. A case is described which illustrates some of the difficulties in diagnosis and management.
High levels of inflammatory mediators are associated with reduced physical capabilities and muscle function in the elderly. Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) may affect the expression and synthesis of these molecules, thus influencing the intensity of the inflammatory response and susceptibility to certain diseases. Physical exercise may attenuate(More)
Studies investigating the resistance–susceptibility of crop insects to proteins found in latex fluids have been reported. However, latex-bearing plants also host insects. In this study, the gut proteolytic system of Pseudosphinx tetrio, which feeds on Plumeria rubra leaves, was characterized and further challenged against the latex proteolytic system of its(More)
BACKGROUND Participation of older people in a program of regular exercise is an effective strategy to minimize the physical decline associated with age. The purpose of this study was to assess adherence rates in older women enrolled in two different exercise programs (one aerobic exercise and one strength training) and identify any associated clinical or(More)
Studies have pointed out that approximately 50-60% of narcolepsy patients may demonstrate higher prevalence of periodical leg movements. However, we highlight that the prevalence studies and the effects of periodical leg movements in patients with narcolepsy are limited and with conflicting results. The objective of this study was that of describing and(More)
BACKGROUND Walking is one of the most commonly recommended activities for sedentary individuals. When performed at the correct intensity, it can provide cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic, and other benefits by providing a training effect in addition to reducing the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases and other chronic health conditions. (More)
BACKGROUND The Duke Activity Status Index (DASI) assesses the functional capacity of patients with cardiovascular disease (CVD), but there is no Portuguese version validated for CVD. OBJECTIVES To translate and adapt cross-culturally the DASI for the Portuguese-Brazil language, and to verify its psychometric properties in the assessment of functional(More)
Narcolepsy is a disease in which there is diurnal excessive sleepiness with sleep attacks and a prevalence in the general population of 1/4000 individuals. Classically, it is characterized by cataplexy, sleep paralysis, hypnagogic hallucinations and fragmented sleep. The use of modafinil in the treatment of narcolepsy is the first option of treatment for(More)
This is a series of cases describing the use of citalopram for the treatment of cataplexy in patients with narcolepsy. Cataplexy is the most specific symptom of narcolepsy, being characterized by a sudden and temporary loss of muscle tonus, triggered by episodes of emotion during vigil. Some antidepressants, besides gamma-hydroxybutyrate, are used for the(More)
Narcolepsy is a chronic neurological disease characterized by diurnal excessive sleepiness and catapleaxy. It affects 1 in every 2000 to 4000 individuals with personal, social and familiar significant repercussions. The treatment of narcolepsy is mainly based on the use of stimulants for the control of the diurnal excessive sleepiness, in conjunction with(More)