Daniella M. Barreto

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the influence of CD4 T-cell activation and regulatory populations in HIV-infected children antibody response to vaccination with a conjugate C polysaccharide vaccine. DESIGN CD4 T-cell activation was evaluated by expression of CD38, HLA-DR and CCR5 molecules. Regulatory CD4 T cells (TReg) were characterized as FoxP3CD127CD25 and(More)
Neisseria meningitidis serogroup C (MenC) is the main causative agent of meningitis in Brazil. HIV infection affects the quality of the immune system. HIV(+) children have an increased risk of infection to encapsulated bacteria such as N. meningitidis. We evaluated the opsonic antibody (OPA) levels and its correlation with serum bactericidal antibody (SBA)(More)
Anti-diphtheria antibody levels decrease with aging, and frequent booster vaccinations are required to maintain herd immunity. We analyzed the diphtheria toxin neutralizing antibody (DT-Nab) response induced by a conjugate vaccine (meningococcal C polysaccharide-CRM197) in HIV-vertically infected (HI) children and adolescents and healthy controls (HC) with(More)
Meningococcal disease is endemic in Brazil, with periodic outbreaks and case fatality rates reach as high as 18 to 20% of cases. Conjugate vaccines against meningococci are immunogenic in healthy children. However, we have previously shown a poor bactericidal antibody response to a Men C conjugate vaccine in Brazilian HIV-infected children and adolescents(More)
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