Daniella J. Triebwasser

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The exudation of secondary metabolites at phytotoxic concentrations has been proposed as a mechanism of invasion for some exotic plant species. Catechin is a natural flavanoid implicated in the potential allelopathic interactions of Centaurea stoebe. However, recent studies have shown that catechin is highly unstable and not likely to accumulate in growing(More)
• Climate change could increase the frequency with which plants experience abiotic stresses, leading to changes in their metabolic pathways. These stresses may induce the production of compounds that are structurally and biologically different from constitutive compounds. • We studied how warming and altered precipitation affected the composition,(More)
By inhibiting soil enzymes, tannins play an important role in soil carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) mineralization. The role of tannin chemistry in this inhibitory process, in conjunction with enzyme classes and isoforms, is less well understood. Here, we compared the inhibition efficiencies of mixed tannins (MTs, mostly limited to angiosperms) and condensed(More)
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