Daniele Wittig

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PURPOSE To assess and report the follow-up results of a randomized controlled trial on centered endovascular gamma irradiation performed after percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA) for de novo femoropopliteal stenoses. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty patients who underwent PTA for de novo femoropopliteal stenoses were randomly assigned to undergo 14-Gy(More)
Wegen Schwindel, Übelkeit, Erbrechen und später auftretenden Doppelbildern stellte sich ein 49-jähriger Patient vor. Zusätzlich berichtete er über Mundtrockenheit, Harnverhalt, Obstipation sowie zunehmende Schwäche. Ungefähr 36 h vorher hatte er eine geräucherte Forelle gegessen. Bei der klinischen Untersuchung fielen eine absolute Pupillenstarre, trockene(More)
It is reported on the infusion, stimulation and microcatheter technique in an internal intensive therapy ward. From July 1st 1970 to November 11th 1974 were altogether laid 1,642 superior cavacatheters, 1,057 times by puncture of the subclavian vein and 585 times through the brachial veins. Compared with the usual infusion techniques the advantages of the(More)
PURPOSE Who refers patients for a color duplex ultrasonography (CDUS) in the routine work of a radiological university department and how frequent are repeat examinations? MATERIAL AND METHODS 1110 patients had at least one CDUS examination between 5/97 and 5/98. The specialities of the referring physicians/primary examiners and the inpatient or(More)
The creation of a secure venous access is the basis of the infusion therapy and the parenteral nutrition. As ways of access are suited above all the subclavian vein, the internal jugular vein and the basilic vein. Taking into consideration the contraindications and the exact performance of the various methods early complications such as punctures of the(More)
Congenital lobar emphysema (CLE) is a malformation of the lung of unknown etiology. The characteristic overdistension of the affected lobe leads to compression and displacement of adjacent normal lung tissue and mediastinum. In the majority of cases, symptoms appear during the neonatal period or in early childhood. Clinically, children present with signs of(More)
Ventricular flutter evokes quick, haemodynamically little effective ventricular contractions. The still existing minimal circulation does not maintain the vital functions. Ventricular fibrillation is tantamount to the acute standstill of the cardiac circulation. If they are not treated, these malignant disturbances of the rhythm nearly always lead to death.(More)
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