Daniele Sanvitto

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Three dimensional helical chiral metamaterials resulted in effective manipulation of circularly polarized light in the visible infrared for advanced nanophotonics. Their potentialities are severely limited by the lack of full rotational symmetry preventing broadband operation, high signal-to-noise ratio and inducing high optical activity sensitivity to(More)
We report on a theoretical investigation of guided polariton states arising from the strong coupling between a single quantum-well exciton and a Bloch Surface Wave in a multi-layered structure. We show that the polariton Rabi splitting can be increased by almost 40% as compared to that achievable in a similar structure made in a conventional planar(More)
We observed whispering gallery resonances (WGMs) in semiconductor micropillars by employing geometry in which both excitation and collection of emission is in a direction normal to the sidewall surface of the pillars. The spectral positions of the peaks are found to be in a good agreement with the results of numerical modeling performed by finite difference(More)
Recently, single photon sources have been realised by coupling InAs quantum-dots into circular micro-pillar microcavities based on distributed Bragg reflectors (DBRs). These sources can be highly efficient because the high semiconductor refractive index collects a large fraction of the spontaneous emission into the waveguide mode. We have modelled emission(More)
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