Daniele Pranzetti

Jerzy Kowalski-Glikman1
Giacomo Rosati1
1Jerzy Kowalski-Glikman
1Giacomo Rosati
1Francesco Cianfrani
1Jacobo Diaz-Polo
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We review the black hole entropy calculation in the framework of Loop Quantum Gravity based on the quasi-local definition of a black hole encoded in the isolated horizon formalism. We show, by means of the covariant phase space framework, the appearance in the conserved symplectic structure of a boundary term corresponding to a Chern–Simons theory on the(More)
By applying loop quantum gravity techniques to 2+1 gravity with a positive cosmological constant Λ, we show how the local gauge symmetry of the theory, encoded in the constraint algebra, acquires the quantum group structure of so q (4), with q = exp (i ̵ h √ Λ2κ). By means of an Inonu-Wigner contraction of the quantum group bi-algebra, keeping κ finite, we(More)
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