Daniele Piazza

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Absolute blood pressure (BP) values are not the only causes of adverse cardiovascular consequences. BP variability (BPV) has also been demonstrated to be a predictor of mortality for cardiovascular events; however, its determinants are still unknown. This study considers 426 subjects with ambulatory BP monitoring (ABPM) measuring 24-h, diurnal and nocturnal(More)
In this paper, we quantify the performance enhancements that can be provided by reconfigurable antennas in an ad hoc network where all nodes employ multiple input multiple output communication techniques. We present two types of reconfigurable antennas: a reconfigurable printed dipole array (RPDA), and a reconfigurable circular patch antenna (RCPA). The(More)
  • D. Piazza, J. A. Lasta
  • 1986
The first isolation of zoonotic campylobacters in Argentina is described. Samples from intestinal contents and swabbing of carcasses of clinically healthy cattle and swine destined for consumption were analyses. In cattle, isolations ofC. fetus subsp.jejuni andC. sputorum were made from intestinal content samples (1.7% and 6.9% respectively for each(More)
This paper uses near field and far-field computational electromagnetic analysis to demonstrate a novel reconfigurable multi-port circular patch antenna that uses pattern diversity to improve the performance of a MIMO system. Different modes of the circular patch antenna can be excited by varying its radius. A 2x2 MIMO system employing such reconfigurable(More)
This paper presents a reconfigurable two-port circular patch antenna that improves the performance of a MIMO wireless communications system through pattern diversity. Different modes of the circular patch antenna can be excited by varying its radius with PIN diode switches. Based on this antenna architecture a practical algorithm that exploits the wireless(More)
In this paper we present a novel design of a reconfigurable circular patch antenna (RCPA) for Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) communication systems. This antenna allows for high pattern diversity and exhibits good radiation efficiency in all of its configurations. The compact array is capable of dynamically changing the shape of its radiation pattern(More)
The dynamic dielectric susceptibility and the elastic compliance of the relaxor ferroelectric lanthanum lead zirconate titanate (PLZT) 9/65/35 have been measured under different cooling and heating protocols in order to study aging and memory. The memory of multiple aging stages at different temperatures has been found (several dips in the susceptibility(More)