Daniele Perini

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Milk fat globules (MFGs) are secretory vesicles assembled and secreted by mammary epithelial cells during lactation. They consist of fat globules surrounded by a lipid bilayer membrane which is derived from the apical membrane of the lactating cells. MFGs contain, besides lipids, proteins from the apical plasma membrane and from the cytoplasmatic material.(More)
In this paper we describe how to include funding and margining costs into a risk-neutral pricing framework for counterparty credit risk. We consider realistic settings and we include in our models the common market practices suggested by the ISDA documentation without assuming restrictive constraints on margining procedures and close-out netting rules. In(More)
In the last 20 years, novel non-seasonal influenza viruses have emerged, most of which have originated from birds. Despite their apparent inability to cause pandemics, with the exception of H1N1 swine influenza virus, these viruses still constitute a constant threat to public health. While general concern has decreased after the peak of the H5N1 virus, in(More)
Serological techniques commonly used to quantify influenza-specific antibodies include the Haemagglutination Inhibition (HI), Single Radial Haemolysis (SRH) and Virus Neutralization (VN) assays. HI and SRH are established and reproducible techniques, whereas VN is more demanding. Every new influenza vaccine needs to fulfil the strict criteria issued by the(More)
Building a consistent Quantum Theory of Gravity is one of the most challenging aspects of modern theoretical physics. In the past couple of years, new attempts have been made along the path of “asymptotic safety” through the use of Exact Renormalisation Group Equations, which hinge on the existence of a non-trivial fixed point of the flow equations. We will(More)
The Single Radial Haemolysis (SRH) assay is a serological method widely used for measuring antibodies against influenza viruses. Despite the broad application and recommendation by licensing authorities, the SRH assay has not been standardized. The aim of this study is to demonstrate how the SRH assay satisfies validation parameters of regulatory agencies(More)
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