Daniele Mundici

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1. I n t r o d u c t i o n This paper deals with Polish style algebraic logic. Its aim is to give a noncommutative notion of finitely additive measure of truth. The present author's debt to the Author of [19] cannot be overestimated. An algebra B = (B, 0, 1,*, O, ®) is said to be an MV algebra iff B satisfies the following equations: ( x e y ) e z = x e ( y(More)
In this paper de Finetti’s (no-Dutch-Book) criterion for coherent probability assignments is extended to large classes of logics and their algebras. Given a set A of ‘‘events’’ and a closed set W 1⁄20; 1 A of ‘‘possible worlds’’ we show that a map s : A ! 1⁄20; 1 satisfies de Finetti’s criterion if, and only if, it has the form sðaÞ 1⁄4 R W V ðaÞdlðV Þ for(More)