Daniele Merli

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UNLABELLED Boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) is a radiotherapy treatment based on the accumulation in the tumor of a (10)B-containing drug and subsequent irradiation with low energy neutrons, which bring about the decay of (10)B to (7)Li and an α particle, causing the death of the neoplastic cell. The effectiveness of BNCT is limited by the low delivery(More)
The exact knowledge of the qualitative and quantitative protein components of rice bran is an essential aspect to be considered for a better understanding of the functional properties of this resource. Aim of the present investigation was to extract the largest number of rice bran proteins and to obtain their qualitative characterization. For this purpose,(More)
A chemically modified gold electrode has been conveniently prepared by binding multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) to which thiol functions have been tethered. The electrode has been characterized by atomic force microscopy and oxidative desorption experiments and gives excellent results for trace determination of As(III) and Bi(III) in natural and(More)
A homochiral, square-shaped, D2 symmetrical nanosized metal-linked macrocycle is able to form stable complexes with ferrocene in polar solvents, with detection achieved by means of multiple outputs (optical/chiroptical spectroscopies and cyclic voltammetry). Selective sensing using chiroptical spectroscopy in the presence of interfering analytes is(More)
Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) is hardly detectable and quantifiable in biological samples because of its low active dose. Although several analytical tests are available, routine analysis of this drug is rarely performed. In this article, we report a simple and accurate method for the determination of LSD, based on adsorptive stripping voltammetry in(More)
A series of prebiotic mixtures of simple molecules, sources of C, H, N, and O, were examined under conditions that may have prevailed during the Hadean eon (4.6-3.8 billion years), namely an oxygen-free atmosphere and a significant UV radiation flux over a large wavelength range due to the absence of an ozone layer. Mixtures contained a C source (methanol,(More)
In this study, we report the synthesis and characterization of three novel " push–pull " chromophores, in which multiple phenylenevinylene units are endcapped by ferrocene as donor units and malonate moieties as acceptor units. These chromophores have spectroscopic and electrochemical characteristics which consistently change according to the extension of(More)
The synthesis of Ag nanoparticles from Ag+ has been investigated, with pectin acting both as reductant and coating.∼100% Ag+ to Ag(0) one-pot conversion was obtained, yielding p-AgNP, i.e. an aqueous solution of pectin-coated spherical Ag nanoparticles (d=8.0±2.6nm), with a<1ppm concentration of free Ag+ cation. Despite the low free Ag+ concentration and(More)
When a chemical system is submitted to high energy sources (UV, ionizing radiation, plasma sparks, etc.), as is expected to be the case of prebiotic chemistry studies, a plethora of reactive intermediates could form. If oxygen is present in excess, carbon dioxide and water are the major products. More interesting is the case of reducing conditions where(More)
Mitoxantrone (MTX) is an antineoplastic agent whose use is limited by serious side effects on non-neoplastic cells. The aim of this study was the development of a new drug release system using an ionotropic gelation technique for microencapsulation of MTX in chitosan-carboxymethylinulin nanoparticles (CCInp), followed by evaluation of their cytotoxic(More)