Daniele Marré

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Advances in growth technology of oxide materials allow single atomic layer control of heterostructures. In particular delta doping, a key materials' engineering tool in today's semiconductor technology, is now also available for oxides. Here we show that a fully electric-field-tunable spin-polarized and superconducting quasi-2D electron system (q2DES) can(More)
Possible ferromagnetism induced in otherwise nonmagnetic materials has been motivating intense research in complex oxide heterostructures. Here we show that a confined magnetism is realized at the interface between SrTiO3 and two insulating polar oxides, BiMnO3 and LaAlO3. By using polarization dependent x-ray absorption spectroscopy, we find that in both(More)
Two-terminal multistate memory elements based on VO(2)/TiO(2) thin film microcantilevers are reported. Volatile and non-volatile multiple resistance states are programmed by current pulses at temperatures within the hysteretic region of the metal-insulator transition of VO(2). The memory mechanism is based on current-induced creation of metallic clusters by(More)
Understanding the nature of charge carriers at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface is one of the major open issues in the full comprehension of the charge confinement phenomenon in oxide heterostructures. Here, we investigate thermopower to study the electronic structure in LaAlO3/SrTiO3 at low temperature as a function of gate field. In particular, under large(More)
A programmable micromechanical resonator based on a VO2 thin film is reported. Multiple mechanical eigenfrequency states are programmed using Joule heating as local power source, gradually driving the phase transition of VO2 around its Metal-Insulator transition temperature. Phase coexistence of domains is used to tune the stiffness of the device via local(More)
Superconducting thin films of MgB2 were deposited by Pulsed Laser Deposition on magnesium oxide and sapphire substrates. Samples grown at 450oC in an argon buffer pressure of about 10 mbar by using a magnesium enriched target resulted to be superconducting with a transition temperature of about 25 K. Film deposited from a MgB2 sintered pellet target in(More)
1. Introduction The discovery of the superconductivity in MgB 2 [1] at a temperature as high as 39 K has stimulated a enormous interest about the comprehension of its mechanism [2][3]. The study of the electron transport properties may give an insight into the normal state conduction process and into the electronic structure of MgB 2. From this point of(More)
Relaxation oscillators consist of periodic variations of a physical quantity triggered by a static excitation. They are a typical consequence of nonlinear dynamics and can be observed in a variety of systems. VO2 is a correlated oxide with a solid-state phase transition above room temperature, where both electrical resistance and lattice parameters undergo(More)
The goal of this work is to study the evolution of thermoelectric transport across the members of the Ruddlesden-Popper series iridates [Formula: see text], where a metal-insulator transition driven by bandwidth change occurs, from the strongly insulating Sr2IrO4 to the metallic non Fermi liquid behavior of SrIrO3. Sr2IrO4 ([Formula: see text]), Sr3Ir2O7(More)