Daniele Marioli

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Distributed architectures for industrial applications are a new opportunity to realize cost-effective, flexible, scalable and reliable systems. Direct interfacing of sensors and actuators to the industrial communication network improves the system performance, because process data and diagnostics can be simultaneously available to many systems and also(More)
This paper deals with a smart-transducer wireless network for industrial applications. Thanks to its high popularity, a solution based on IEEE802.11 (also known as wireless fidelity or Wi-Fi) is experimentally investigated. A master–slave network organization is proposed to allow several sensors to be connected with generic Wi-Fi devices like PCs; a(More)
In this paper, an autonomous sensor system, with low-power electronics for radio-frequency (RF) communication, incorporating a thermoelectric energy-harvesting module for unattended operation is presented. A target application is proposed for temperature measurement of walled-in pipes. When the autonomous sensor is placed on the heat source, a(More)
A signal conditioning circuit based on a relaxation oscillator is proposed for use with resistive bridge sensors. The circuit provides a rectangular-wave output whose frequency is related to the bridge unbalance, and duty-cycle is a function of the overall sensor bridge resistance, hence of the sensor operating temperature. In this way, two measurement(More)
This paper presents a low-cost interface for high-value resistive sensors varying over a wide range, from k to G . The proposed circuit that acts as a “resistance to period converter” is suitable to be interfaced to a microcontroller or a counting device. The behavior of real electronic components that produce estimation errors, is taken into account.(More)
Ethernet technology is widely used in real-time industrial automation. Thanks to real-time Ethernet (RTE) protocols, defined in IEC61784-2 standard, new top-performance automation solutions can be created. Such systems may have communication cycle time down to tens of mus and cycle jitter less than 1 mus, making network testing and debugging very critical.(More)
This paper deals with real-time Ethernet networks based on PROFINET IO Class 1. Generally, industrial automation has a cyclical behavior; jitter in the application cycle depends on many factors and has direct consequences on production quality. In this work, in order to simplify application jitter estimation of complex systems, measurement techniques are(More)