Daniele Leite Rodrigues

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The domestic pig (Sus scrofa domestica L.) has been wild breeding in the Varzea Amazonian Estuary area. Without dietary supplement or medical prevention, the pigs survive, bringing economic benefits to local peasants. Endoparasitic diseases generate economic losses because of neonatal death and clinical disease. We assessed the nematoda (O. Nematoda) and(More)
s of 38 articles were analyzed to see if they met the selection of the study criteria. 12 articles included • Met the criteria for inclusion in the systematic review. 26 articles excluded • 10 studies used a type of drug associated or evaluated the effect of the drug. • 6 studies evaluated an auxiliary resource in the treatment of BPPV. • 5 studies(More)
Free-ranging poultry (FRP) are known to be efficient in the recycling of residues of agroforestry systems. The objective of this paper is to present the results of participative applied research on the improvement of egg production in two indigenous communities in Costa Rica. This involved a dialectic process of adaptation between indigenous knowledge and(More)
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