Daniele Lefevre

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In an operant conditioning situation a visual stimulus, presented about 40 times per trial, was used in a control group of Wistar rats, to learn to avoid an electric shock. In a second group, oxyprive anoxia was used daily at the end of each trial, (“immediate” hypoxia) as an amnesic agent. In a third group, similar daily hypoxic treatment was used but(More)
Rats were given Piracetam or saline 30 min orally before one trial passive avoidance training; after training they were submitted to nitrogen induced hypoxia (“Sudden” and “Progressive” procedure) or were confined to the hypoxia cage with a normal atmosphere. Results showed that 1. hypoxia prevented the avoidance response on day 2 for the saline injected(More)
A group of 176 patients aged 2 to 15 years was investigated for idiopathic disorders of bowel function other than Hirschsprung's disease. Anorectal motility, as well as colorectal transit of radiopaque markers, were investigated. Before the end of the first month of life, 70 of the patients were constipated. Resting pressure was more unstable (P less than(More)
Rats were trained in a one-trial passive avoidance task and then were submitted to electroconvulsive shock (ECS) or to sham ECS. Twenty-four hours later they were tested for retention, with the door opened either immediately or 30 sec after the beginning of the test. Rats initially forced to avoid for 30 sec continued to avoid for the entire test, but the(More)
OBJECTIVE Intensive Care Unit (ICU) delirium is a common complication after major surgery and related among other potential medical precipitants to either pre-existing cognitive impairment or the intensity and length of anesthesiology or the type of surgery. Nevertheless, in some rare situations, an organic etiology is not always found, which can be(More)
A systematic study in 5 hemodialysis centres was carried out for the incidence of aseptic osteonecrosis (AON) after two patients presented with this condition during hemodialysis after transplantation and rapid "retransplantation". The following observations were made after the assessment of similar cases and a comparison with a control population of(More)