Daniele Guerzoni

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Where do new genes come from? For a long time the answer to that question has simply been ‘‘from other genes’’. The most prolific source of new loci in eukaryotic genomes is gene duplication in all its guises: exon shuffling, tandem duplication, retrocopying, segmental duplication, and genome duplication. However, in recent years there has been a growing(More)
De novo protein-coding gene origination is increasingly recognized as an important evolutionary mechanism. However, there remains a large amount of uncertainty regarding the frequency of these events and the mechanisms and speed of gene establishment. Here, we describe a rigorous search for cases of de novo gene origination in the great apes. We analyzed(More)
The origin of novel protein-coding genes de novo was once considered so improbable as to be impossible. In less than a decade, and especially in the last five years, this view has been overturned by extensive evidence from diverse eukaryotic lineages. There is now evidence that this mechanism has contributed a significant number of genes to genomes of(More)
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