Daniele Faccio

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In supercontinuum generation, various propagation effects combine to produce a dramatic spectral broadening of intense ultrashort optical pulses. With a host of applications, supercontinuum sources are often required to possess a range of properties such as spectral coverage from the ultraviolet across the visible and into the infrared, shot-to-shot(More)
The ability to record images with extreme temporal resolution enables a diverse range of applications, such as fluorescence lifetime imaging, time-of-flight depth imaging and characterization of ultrafast processes. Recently, ultrafast imaging schemes have emerged, which require either long acquisition times or raster scanning and have a requirement for(More)
The technologies of heating, photovoltaics, water photocatalysis and artificial photosynthesis depend on the absorption of light and novel approaches such as coherent absorption from a standing wave promise total dissipation of energy. Extending the control of absorption down to very low light levels and eventually to the single-photon regime is of great(More)
Solitons are of fundamental importance in photonics due to applications in optical data transmission and also as a tool for investigating novel phenomena ranging from light generation at new frequencies and wave-trapping to rogue waves. Solitons are also moving scatterers: they generate refractive index perturbations moving at the speed of light. Here we(More)
Frequency conversion by means of Kerr nonlinearity is one of the most common and exploited nonlinear optical processes in the UV, visible, IR, and mid-IR spectral regions. Here we show that wave mixing of an optical field and a terahertz wave can be achieved in diamond, resulting in the frequency conversion of the terahertz radiation either by sum- or(More)
Considering the problem of parametric nonlinear interaction, we report the experimental observation of electromagnetic waves characterized by an X-shaped spatiotemporal coherence; i.e., coherence is neither spatial nor temporal, but skewed along specific spatiotemporal trajectories. The application of the usual, purely spatial or temporal, measures of(More)
We study the nonlinear interaction between two non-collinear light beams that carry orbital angular momentum (OAM). More specifically, two incident beams interact at an angle in a medium with a second order nonlinearity and thus generate a third, non-collinear beam at the second harmonic frequency that experiences a reduced conversion efficiency in(More)
Electric breakdown in air occurs for electric fields exceeding 34 kV/cm and results in a large current surge that propagates along unpredictable trajectories. Guiding such currents across specific paths in a controllable manner could allow protection against lightning strikes and high-voltage capacitor discharges. Such capabilities can be used for(More)
We investigate the spatially and temporally resolved four-wave mixing of terahertz (THz) fields and optical pulses in large-bandgap dielectrics, such as diamond. We show that it is possible to perform beam profiling and space-time resolved mapping of THz fields by encoding the spatial information into an optical signal, which can then be recorded by a(More)