Daniele Costanzo

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Textile-based sensors offer an unobtrusive method of continually monitoring physiological parameters during daily activities. Chemical analysis of body fluids, noninvasively, is a novel and exciting area of personalized wearable healthcare systems. BIOTEX was an EU-funded project that aimed to develop textile sensors to measure physiological parameters and(More)
State-dependent retention (SDR) has frequently been demonstrated with drug-induced physiological changes which apparently serve as contextual cues for memory. These support the assumption that commonly occurring endogenous dispositions play a role in memory, yet there are few reports showing SDR with states that are likely to be part of an organism's(More)
Sweat analysis can provide a valuable insight into a persons well-being. Here we present wearable textile-based sensors that can provide real-time information regarding sweat activity. A pH sensitive dye incorporated into a fabric fluidic system is used to determine sweat pH. To detect the onset of sweat activity a sweat rate sensor is incorporated into a(More)
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