Daniele Codetta Raiteri

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This paper presents a software tool allowing the automatic analysis of a dynamic fault tree (DFT) exploiting its conversion to a dynamic Bayesian network (DBN). First, the architecture of the tool is described, together with the rules implemented in the tool, to convert dynamic gates in DBNs. Then, the tool is tested on a case of system: its DFT model and(More)
In this paper, we present RADYBAN (Reliability Analysis with DYnamic BAyesian Networks), a software tool which allows to analyze a dynamic fault tree relying on its conversion into a dynamic Bayesian network. The tool implements a modular algorithm for automatically translating a dynamic fault tree into the corresponding dynamic Bayesian network and(More)
This paper presents the last version of Draw-Net, a customizable tool for the design and solution of models expressed in any graph based formalism, including the possibility of representing complex models by means of multiformalism and analyzing them by exploiting different solution modules. In particular, it focuses on the new tools and features available(More)
We address the problem of defining the behavior of an autonoumous FDIR (Fault Detection, Identification and Recovery) agent (e.g. a space rover), in presence of uncertainty and partial observability, we show how a Dynamic Decision Network (DDN) can be built through a fault analysis phase by producing an Extended Dynamic Fault Tree (EDFT). In this fault tree(More)
The Fault Tree (FT) is a widespread model in the field of Reliability, but its modeling power is very limited. Therefore several FT extensions have been proposed in the literature, each introducing particular modeling primitives, but in a separate way. In this paper, we integrate the primitives coming from three relevant FT extensions (Parametric, Dynamic,(More)