Daniele Clapes Nunes

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Tooth avulsion is a very common event in children and emergency care procedures are crucial for case prognosis. As anyone at the moment of accident can provide first-aid measures, knowledge of school professionals dealing with children is of paramount importance. An informative campaign about dental trauma was performed in urban schools in the city of(More)
The maintenance of the avulsed teeth in appropriate media for preserving the cellular viability has been important for repairing the periodontal ligament and preventing the root resorption after tooth reimplantation. Propolis is a substance capable of preserving cellular viability. This study aimed to analyze the propolis substance as a storage media for(More)
This study aimed to evaluate the diffusion capacity of calcium hydroxide pastes with different vehicles through dentinal tubules. The study was conducted on 60 extracted single-rooted human teeth whose crowns had been removed. The root canals were instrumented and divided into 4 groups according to the vehicle of the calcium hydroxide paste: Group I -(More)
This study evaluated the use of zoledronic acid, a resorption inhibitor, as a medication for root resorption treatment of late replanted teeth. Twenty-four maxillary right central incisors of rats were avulsed and kept dry for 30 min. Then, the teeth were divided into 2 groups. In group I, root surface was treated with 2% sodium fluoride for 20 min; in(More)
Alendronate is a known inhibitor of root resorption and the development of alendronate paste would enhance its utilization as intracanal medication. Therefore, this study aimed to investigate the biocompatibility of experimental alendronate paste in subcutaneous tissue of rats, for utilization in teeth susceptible to root resorption. The study was conducted(More)
This aim of this study was to investigate the biocompatibility of two experimental acetazolamide (AZ)-based pastes in the subcutaneous tissue of rats. Both pastes contained AZ as the main component in similar concentration. The vehicle in experimental paste 1 was saline, while experimental paste 2 was prepared with propylene glycol. Sixty polyethylene tubes(More)
The hemagglutinating activity of a crude extract and partially purified protein fractions from seeds of Dolichos lablab grown in the state of Bahia, Brazil, has been examined. The crude extract agglutinates rabbit erythrocytes non-specifically with respect to blood groups. The hemagglutination of rabbit erythrocytes induced by the crude extract of D. lablab(More)
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