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An important field for model-driven development of interfaces is the consideration of users with disabilities. Interface design for deaf people presents specific problems, since it needs to be based on visual communication, incorporating unusual forms of interaction, in particular gesture-based ones. Standard solutions for model-driven development of visual(More)
In conjunction with LREC 2010 ii Foreword Language resources are of crucial importance not only for research and development in language and speech technology but also for eLearning applications. In addition, the increasingly availability of semantically interpreted data in the WEB 3.0 is creating a huge impact in semantic technology. Social media(More)
Directive 91/67/EEC defines the animal health conditions governing the placing on the market of aquaculture animals and products. Amended by directives 93/54/EEC, 95/22/EEC and 98/45/EEC, it was acquired in the Italian legal system since 1992 but haven’t recorded a great support by the breeders, which considered the foreseen procedures for the official free(More)
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