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—Cooperative communications is a well known technique to yield transmit diversity in a multiuser environment. Network coding can increase the spectral efficiency in networks. These two techniques can be combined to achieve a double diversity order for a maximum coding rate Rc = 2/3 on the Multiple Access Relay Channel (MARC), where two sources share a(More)
Transmit diversity is necessary in harsh environments to reduce the required transmit power for achieving a given error performance at a certain transmission rate. In networks, cooperative communication is a well-known technique to yield transmit diversity and network coding can increase the spectral efficiency. These two techniques can be combined to(More)
This paper deals with full-diversity schemes for MIMO systems in a slowly-varying fading environment. We consider LDPC codes expressly designed for block-fading channels (rootcheck LDPC) and we couple them with spatial multiplexing, to show that they achieve diversity gain, unlike traditional LDPC codes. At the receiver, we consider an iterative turbo-like(More)
—Joint network-channel codes (JNCC) can improve the performance of communication in wireless networks, by combining, at the physical layer, the channel codes and the network code as an overall error-correcting code. JNCC is increasingly proposed as an alternative to a standard layered construction, such as the OSI-model. The main performance metrics for(More)
A class of serial turbo codes admitting low-density parity-check (LDPC) representation is considered. Their parity matrix has a random and a structured part. Thanks to their turbo structure, these codes are linear-time encodable, while they can be decoded as LDPC codes. Previous works enlightened the role of the inner encoder in the error floor region and(More)
In wireless scenarios a simple and effective method to increase the reliability for time-varying channels is the hybrid automatic repeat request (H-ARQ) protocol. Recently, a H-ARQ scheme with cross-packet channel coding (CPC) has been proposed to increase the maximum coding rate at which full-diversity can be achieved. In this paper, CPC based on turbo(More)
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