Daniele Binosi

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We present a general framework to deal with forward and backward components of the electromagnetic field in axially invariant nonlinear optical systems, which include those having any type of linear or nonlinear transverse inhomogeneities. With a minimum amount of approximations, we obtain a system of two first-order equations for forward and backward(More)
JaxoDraw is a Feynman graph plotting tool written in Java. It has a complete graphical user interface that allows all actions to be carried out via mouse click-and-drag operations in a WYSIWYG fashion. Graphs may be exported to postscript/EPS format and can be saved in XML files to be used in later sessions. One of the main features of JaxoDraw is the(More)
We demonstrate the existence of spatial soliton solutions in photonic crystal fibers (PCF's). These guided localized nonlinear waves appear as a result of the balance between the linear and nonlinear diffraction properties of the inhomogeneous photonic crystal cladding. The spatial soliton is realized self-consistently as the fundamental mode of the(More)
A new version of the Feynman graph plotting tool JaxoDraw is presented. Version 2.0 is a fundamental rewrite of most of the JaxoDraw core and some functionalities, in particular importing graphs, are not backward-compatible with the 1.x branch. The most prominent new features include: drawing of Bézier curves for all particle modes, on-the-fly update of(More)
The generalization of the pinch technique to all orders in the electroweak sector of the Standard Model within the class of the renormalizable ’t Hooft gauges, is presented. In particular, both the all-order PT gauge-boson– and scalar–fermions vertices, as well as the diagonal and mixed gauge-boson and scalar self-energies are explicitly constructed. This(More)