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— In this paper, we study the stability of Networked Control Systems (NCSs) that are subject to time-varying transmission intervals, time-varying transmission delays, packet-dropouts and communication constraints. Communication constraints impose that, per transmission, only one sensor or actuator node can access the network and send its information. Which(More)
— Flexibility, ease of deployment and of spatial reconfiguration, and low cost make Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) fundamental component of modern networked control systems. However, due to the energy-constrained nature of WSNs, the transmission rate of the sensor nodes is a critical aspect to take into account in control design. Two are the main(More)
For piecewise affine (PWA) systems whose dynamics are only defined in a bounded and possibly non-invariant set X , this paper proposes a numerical approach to analyze the stability of the origin and to find a region of attraction. The approach relies on introducing fake dynamics outside X and on synthesizing a piecewise affine and possibly discontinuous(More)