Daniele Bailo

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INTRODUCTION The aim of this study is to investigate the nanocrystallization of steels caused by the transformation from the austenitic to the martensitic phase induced by a severe plastic deformation (SPD) treatment. In this framework, we applied an air blast shot peening treatment, which is a simple protocol widely used for industrial purposes. METHODS(More)
Accurate and precise estimates of X-Ray diffraction peak parameters is mandatory, when small dynamic changes of lattice parameters have to be quantitatively analyzed. To follow in real time such changes, a large set of patterns must be usually collected, so that the position of certain peaks of interest can be tracked. To calculate the positions, a fitting(More)
In Energy Dispersive X-Ray diffraction measurements, the estimate of momentum transfer q, on which the diffracted intensity depends, should be as accurate as possible. Since q, in turn, depends on both the energy and the scattering angle, an error on the latter due to an incorrect positioning of the sample, to the asymmetric angular spread induced by the(More)
A novel high spatial resolution synchrotron X-ray diffraction stratigraphy technique has been applied in-situ to an integrated plasmonic nanoparticle-based organic photovoltaic device. This original approach allows for the disclosure of structure-property relations linking large scale organic devices to length scales of local nano/hetero structures and(More)