Daniele Allard

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Dental amalgam is 50% metallic mercury (Hg) by weight and Hg vapour continuously evolves from in-place dental amalgam, causing increased Hg content with increasing amalgam load in urine, faeces, exhaled breath, saliva, blood, and various organs and tissues including the kidney, pituitary gland, liver, and brain. The Hg content also increases with maternal(More)
Localizing user interfaces has been proven beneficial for both user satisfaction and work efficiency; however, current localization methods disregard the many facets in the cultural background of today's typical user by simply adapting to a certain country. The chapter proposes a new approach to localization by modeling the user’s culture according to its(More)
INTRODUCTION Firearms, the leading external cause of non-natural deaths in South Africa, claim approximately 15,000 lives annually. Up to 127,000 firearm-injured victims seek state health care assistance per annum. The fiscal burden of treating these injuries is not known. METHODS All serious abdominal firearm-related injuries (requiring admission to(More)
The goal of this research, a work in progress, is to address areas in second/foreign language acquisition prone to cross-linguistic influence, and to examine related cultural factors. More specifically, the authors aim to identify such areas, map available knowledge in this respect using ontological engineering methodology, and devise appropriate teaching(More)
Since e-learning systems are used by a wide variety of students with different characteristics, being adapted to user’s model and profile is an essential feature. Although there are several approaches for adaptive e-learning environments, they focus mainly on technological and/or networking aspects without taking into account other contextual aspects, such(More)
This talk describes the Situated Culture approach to teaching foreign language and culture, employed in Alelo’s language and culture training learning environments. To support this work we have developed a framework for structuring cultural knowledge and implementing it in interactive learning experiences. This work has broader implications for modeling(More)
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