Daniela von Blumroeder

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We report on an optimized method for the in vitro culture of tissue cyst-forming Neospora caninum bradyzoites in Vero cells and the separation of viable parasites from host cells. Treatment of tachyzoite-infected Vero cell cultures with 17 microM sodium nitroprusside for 8 days severely scaled down parasite proliferation, led to reduced expression of(More)
Catecholamine concentrations were determined from day 18 to 21 of incubation (D18, D21) in developing chicken embryos. The control group was continuously incubated at 37.5 degrees C. The eggs of the two other groups were incubated at 37.5 degrees C until day 14. In the cold group, temperature was decreased to 35.0 degrees C and in the warm group, incubation(More)
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