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A common problem in statistics is finding a distribution that fits to a certain dataset. Many theoretical distributions have been developed to give a good description of the empirical observations, and consequently, theory offers a variety of algorithms to test the quality of the resulting fits. It is reasonable to expect that each set of measurements(More)
The suprascapular notch is situated in the lateral part of the superior border of the scapula, just medial to the base of the coracoid process, giving passage for the suprascapular nerve. The aim of this study is to determine the frequency of different types of suprascapular notch in male and female medieval skeletal series and to assess the sexual(More)
The paper deals with ranking risky alternatives whose consequences form a one-dimensional piece-wise continuous set where the uncertainty is described by a classical one-dimensional CDF, with possible discontinuities. The alternatives can be modeled as one-dimensional classical risky generalized lotteries of either type I or III. The expected utility of(More)
Tri-state structures are used to implement multiplexers and buses because these structures are faster than AND/OR logic structures. But testing of tri-state structures has some issues associated with it. A stuck open control line of a tri-state gate will cause some lines in the circuit to float and take unknown values. A stuck-on control line can cause(More)
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