Daniela Tekel'ová

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Samples of Hyperici herba were obtained by harvesting Hypericum perforatum L. in different plant development stages. The relation of flower development phases in the drug's flower fraction was examined. The HPLC method was then employed for the analysis of the content of secondary metabolites in different flower ontogenesis phases. The content of(More)
The paper analyzes the consumption of mass-produced preparations of teas from the viewpoint of the sort and the group of indication. The packed plant drugs and teas were classified into the groups of indication according to Wichtl's pharmacodynamic system and the consumption was expressed in physical and financial indices. It follows from the results that(More)
Within two vegetation periods, melissas from 17 European regions and the inland cultivar Citra were examined. Melissas differed in height, foliage, and essential oil content. In the cultivating conditions under study, two collections were possible in one year. In both experimental years at the stage just before blooming, or at the onset of blooming, plants(More)
Experiments in small plots were performed to cultivate Hypericum perforatum L. var. angustifolium DC on light soil and at a sunny location in Bratislava. In the 1st year of vegetation the herb was not harvested. Harvests were made in the 2nd and 3rd years of vegetation and later plants died. In the course of the vegetation year it was possible to carry out(More)
Variability in both the content and quality of essential oil was observed in herb and leaf drugs in dependence on the harvest cut height of lemon balm (Melissa officinalis L. cv. Citra). Three different cuts were carried out on the respective plants. The oil content in the herb was highest in the top third (0.13 % V/m), satisfactory in the herb including(More)
The object of our work was the identification and quantification of inorganic elements in Ginkgo biloba L. leaves (Ginkgonis folium, Ginkgoaceae) by X-ray fluorescence analysis. The plant material was obtained from a 50-years-old female tree at the Comenius University Botanical Garden (Bratislava, Slovakia). Leaves were collected from early May to late(More)
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