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BACKGROUND A large proportion of lung cancer patients in England are diagnosed through an emergency route, which is associated with poorer outcomes. Here, we investigated the association between emergency presentation and the odds of undergoing surgical resection and subsequent survival among lung cancer patients undergoing surgical resection as well as(More)
We prove local in time well-posedness for the Zakharov system in two space dimensions with large initial data in L ×H−1/2 ×H−3/2. This is the space of optimal regularity in the sense that the data-to-solution map fails to be smooth at the origin for any rougher pair of spaces in the L-based Sobolev scale. Moreover, it is a natural space for the Cauchy(More)
There is little published evidence on trends in the treatment of breast cancer in England following the publication of the Calman-Hine report in 1995. Reliable national data are available for women with screen-detected breast cancer, but data on women presenting symptomatically have been difficult to collect. Using data from both a clinical audit database(More)
BACKGROUND Head and neck cancers [HNCs] are biologically heterogeneous tumours. The objectives of this study were to describe trends in incidence of HNCs amongst London residents by sex, age, anatomical site, deprivation and ethnicity. METHODS Annual age-standardised incidence rates [ASRs] were calculated on HNC registration data, overall and for specific(More)
BACKGROUND In England, population mammographic screening has been offered to women for over 20 years. Overall decrease in breast cancer mortality rates and improvements in cancer awareness and organization of medical care over this period call for a more current evaluation of the mediators behind the better prognosis of screening-exposed breast cancers. (More)
Objective To identify factors predicting early death in women with breast cancer. Design Cohort study. Setting 29 trusts across seven cancer networks in the North Thames area. Participants 15 037 women with primary breast cancer diagnosed between January 1996 and December 2005. Methods Logistic regression analyses to determine predictors of early death(More)
Studies in the United States (US) have reported varying treatment and survival for patients with high grade glioma from different ethnic groups. This study investigates for the first time whether differences also exist in the United Kingdom (UK). This population-based cohort study used cancer registration data for 4,845 patients diagnosed in South East(More)
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