Daniela Talarico

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During the process of embryo implantation, trophoblast cells invade deep into uterine stroma and play a key role in establishing fetomaternal exchange of molecules. We have studied the in vivo expression patterns of the molecules of the urokinase system, during the process of mouse embryo implantation and early placentation. The sites of synthesis of(More)
Human PREP1, a novel homeodomain protein of the TALE super-family, forms a stable DNA-binding complex with PBX proteins in solution, a ternary complex with PBX and HOXB1 on DNA, and is able to act as a co-activator in the transcription of PBX-HOXB1 activated promoters (Berthelsen, J., Zappavigna, V., Ferretti, E., Mavilio, F., Blasi, F. , 1998b. The novel(More)
The K-FGF/HST (FGF-4) growth factor is a member of the FGF family which is efficiently secreted and contains a single N-linked glycosylation signal. To study the role of glycosylation in the secretion of K-FGF, we mutated the human K-fgf cDNA to eliminate the glycosylation signal and the mutated cDNA was cloned into a mammalian expression vector. Studies of(More)
The COP9 signalosome (CSN) is a conserved multiprotein complex, with an important developmental role in several organisms, ranging from plants to mammalians. The influence of the CSN on several signaling and developmental processes has been ascribed to its ability to regulate degradation of a number of signaling proteins by the ubiquitin-proteasome system.(More)
We have constructed a number of plasmids selectable in both E. coli and mouse or human cells. Human DNA sequences were inserted and the recombinant plasmids were used to transfect either mouse or human cells by the Ca-phosphate precipitation technique. We have observed that: (i) competent cells uptake large amounts of plasmid DNA; (ii) input plasmids(More)
The processes of neurite extension and remodeling require a close coordination between the cytoskeleton and the cell membranes. The small GTPase ARF6 (ADP-ribosylation factor 6) has a central role in regulating membrane traffic and actin dynamics, and its activity has been demonstrated to be involved in neurite elaboration. EFA6A has been shown to act as a(More)
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