Daniela Steffes-lai

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We present a generic approach for focused ultrasonic therapy planning on the basis of numerical simulation, multi-objective optimization, stochastic analysis and visualization in virtual environments. A realistic test case is used to demonstrate the approach. RBF metamodeling of simulation results is performed for continuous representation of two(More)
Among the many input parameters of a forging process (for a multi-stage process one can count more than 200 different inputs!) the following important inputs shall be mentioned: Forging Material characteristics (flow curve = f(temperature, strain, strain rate, micro-structure) Influence of heat coefficients Friction type and friction value as well as(More)
This paper considers the analysis of partial differential equations (PDE) containing multiple random variables. Recently developed collocation methods enable the construction of high-order stochastic solutions by converting a stochastic PDE into a system of deterministic PDEs. This interpolation method requires that the probability distribution of all(More)
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