Daniela Stanescu

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Digital systems are becoming more and more present in civil environments from private homes to industrial plants. This is why autonomous digital monitoring and control equipments have encountered an increasingly demand in industrial and domestic fields of activity. Application scenarios requiring reliable and convenient solutions for remote interaction with(More)
In a ubiquitous environment, intellignet functions are embedded in objects around the user, thus enabling him to create variuos functionalities by combining those objects. The collaborative robotic environments are a new approach to the coordination of multirobot systems which usually consist of numerous, relatively simple, small sized robots. The CORE-TX(More)
The paper presents a time-domain method for computation of sound radiation from aircraft engine sources to the far-field. The effects of nonuniform flow around the aircraft and scattering of sound by fuselage and wings are accounted for in the formulation. Our approach is based on the discretization of the inviscid flow equations through a collocation form(More)
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