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Social and professional integration of persons with disabilities is a major challenge faced by many communities. In particular, teaching or training such persons is a very demanding task. This paper presents details of the specification and design of a new software tool aimed at assisting the learning process of students with learning disabilities. Using a(More)
In this paper, the specification of Verity, a web-based instructional tool, is presented. Verity is intended to be used as a learning assistant and self-assessment tool, more than a web-based testing system. This represents a new approach to web-based instruction. Specifically, the purpose of the Verity software tool is twofold: first, to assist the(More)
Determining optimal operations involves performing complex tasks by navy commanders. In this paper we present a software tool with four main functions that facilitate commanders' tasks in naval surface warfare. First, a human-computer interaction function presents battlefield information using information-rich graphical symbols. Second, a command and(More)
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