Daniela Ruggieri

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Recent studies provide evidence that high-fat diets (HF) trigger both i) a deficit of reward responses linked to a decrease of mesolimbic dopaminergic activity, and ii) a disorganization of circadian feeding behavior that switch from a structured meal-based schedule to a continuous snacking, even during periods normally devoted to rest. This feeding pattern(More)
Haemopoietic growth factor administration following high-dose chemotherapy markedly amplifies progenitor cell pool in the peripheral blood (PB). Collection and reinfusion of these cells enable rapid haemopoietic reconstitution following autograft. Less is known on engraftment potentiality of bone marrow (BM) cells taken under analogous conditions. To(More)
Most recently reported methods to select early hematopoietic cells basically rely on the depletion of committed progenitors. This task is generally accomplished by laborious procedures, which are sometimes difficult to reproduce. To simplify the selection method, we took advantage of the expression of the transferrin receptor (CD71) by proliferating(More)
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