Daniela Rieger

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This chapter summarizes our present knowledge about the master clock of the fruit fly at the neuronal level. The clock is organized in distinct groups of interconnected pacemaker neurons with different functions. All of these neurons appear to communicate with one another in order to produce the species-specific activity rhythm, which is organized in(More)
Filamin and Cortexillin are F-actin crosslinking proteins in Dictyostelium discoideum allowing actin filaments to form three-dimensional networks. GAPA, an IQGAP related protein, is required for cytokinesis and localizes to the cleavage furrow during cytokinesis. Here we describe a novel interaction with Filamin which is required for cytokinesis and(More)
Protein C Inhibitor (PCI) is a secreted serine protease inhibitor, belonging to the family of serpins. In addition to activated protein C PCI inactivates several other proteases of the coagulation and fibrinolytic systems, suggesting a regulatory role in hemostasis. Glycosaminoglycans and certain negatively charged phospholipids, like phosphatidylserine,(More)
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