Daniela R Pirino

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Germline mutations in BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes have been demonstrated to increase the risk of developing breast cancer. Conversely, the impact of BRCA mutations on prognosis and survival of breast cancer patients is still debated. In this study, we investigated the role of such mutations on breast cancer-specific survival among patients from North Sardinia.(More)
Adenosine deaminase activity (ADA) was assayed in the serum of 137 HIV positive subjects: 131 intravenous drug abusers, 3 female partners of HIV positive abusers, 1 son of HIV positive abuser and 2 blood-transfused patients, subdivided into the following groups: 73 asymptomatic, 15 with ARC, 37 with LAS, 5 with L-AIDS and 7 with AIDS. Results show an(More)
BACKGROUND Cancer survival in persons with AIDS (PWA) after introduction of antiretroviral therapies remains poorly characterized. The aim is to provide population-based estimates of cancer survival, overall and for the most important cancer types in PWA, and a comparison with persons without AIDS (non-PWA) affected by the same cancer. METHODS PWA with(More)
BACKGROUND Various epidemiological studies explored cancer mortality and incidence among petrochemical workers. We followed up cancer incidence in a cohort of 5350 male petrochemical workers in the industrial area of Porto Torres (Sardinia, Italy). MATERIAL AND METHODS The follow-up covered the period from 01/01/1990, when completeness of the cohort was(More)
Malignant ovarian tumors have been continuously increasing in Western countries and represent the leading cause of death for gynecological cancer. In fact, the mortality for malignant ovarian tumors remains very high with a low percentage of 5-year survival in the advanced stage of disease. The aim of this study was to evaluate the incidence trend and(More)
AIMS AND BACKGROUND In Italy more than 55% of cancer patients live for more than 5 years after diagnosis, sometimes with several cancer-related sequelae. For this reason rehabilitation must offer not only physical interventions but also psychological, clinical, social and nutritional support. The CAREMORE pilot study was designed to assess whether cancer(More)
The incidence of gynecologic tumors in the Province of Sassari in the period 1992-2000 has been studied in order to estimate their value and to make a comparison with the data of the period 1974-83. The analysis of our data regarding the period 1992-2000, if compared with those of the previous period 1974-83, showed a change in the percentage distribution(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the incidence of malignant breast tumors in the Province of Sassari, Sardinia (Italy) in the period 1992-2002 and to report the variations in comparison to the 1974-1985 period. The analysis of our data showed that the overall number of malignant breast tumors was more than doubled from 1,139 cases in the period(More)
BACKGROUND Persons living after a cancer diagnosis represent 4% of the whole population in high-income countries. The aim of the study was to provide estimates of indicators of long-term survival and cure for 26 cancer types, presently lacking. PATIENTS AND METHODS Data on 818 902 Italian cancer patients diagnosed at age 15-74 years in 1985-2005 were(More)
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