Daniela Petrisan

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Bisimulation up-to enhances the coinductive proof method for bisimilarity, providing efficient proof techniques for checking properties of different kinds of systems. We prove the soundness of such techniques in a fibrational setting, building on the seminal work of Hermida and Jacobs. This allows us to systematically obtain up-to techniques not only for(More)
Nominal sets were introduced by Gabbay and Pitts (Gabbay and Pitts, 1999). This paper describes a step towards universal algebra over nominal sets. There has been some work in this direction, most notably by M.J. Gabbay (Gabbay, 2008). The originality of our approach is that we do not start from the analogy between sets and nominal sets. As shown in(More)
This paper studies several applications of the notion of a presentation of a functor by operations and equations. We show that the technically straightforward generalisation of this notion from the one-sorted to the many-sorted case has several interesting consequences. First, it can be applied to give equational logic for the binding algebras modelling(More)
Up-to techniques are useful tools for optimising proofs of behavioural equivalence of processes. Bisimulations up-to context can be safely used in any language specified by GSOS rules. We showed this result in a previous paper by exploiting the well-known observation by Turi and Plotkin that such languages form bialgebras. In this paper, we prove the(More)
The category Rel(Set) of sets and relations can be described as a category of spans and as the Kleisli category for the powerset monad. A set-functor can be lifted to a functor on Rel(Set) iff it preserves weak pullbacks. We show that these results extend to the enriched setting, if we replace sets by posets or preorders. Preservation of weak pullbacks(More)
We introduce basic notions and results about relation liftings on categories enriched in a commutative quantale. We derive two necessary and sufficient conditions for a 2-functor T to admit a functorial relation lifting: one is the existence of a distributive law of T over the “powerset monad” on categories, one is the preservation by T of “exactness” of(More)
Gabbay and Pitts proved that lambda-terms up to alphaequivalence constitute an initial algebra for a certain endofunctor on the category of nominal sets. We show that the terms of the infinitary lambda-calculus form the final coalgebra for the same functor. This allows us to give a corecursion principle for alpha-equivalence classes of finite and infinite(More)