Daniela Pandolfi

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Synthetic oligonucleotides are increasingly used because of their potential activity as regulators of gene expression. One of their major drawbacks is instability toward nucleases, in particular exonucleases. In this article, we studied some terminal modifications that can enhance exonuclease resistance, such as end-capping with alkylic chains(More)
The presence of antibiotics in water resources has been disturbing news for the stakeholders who are responsible for public health and the drinking water supply. In many cases, biological wastewater treatment plants are the final opportunity in the water cycle to trap these substances. The sensitivity of activated sludge bacteria to erythromycin, a(More)
The Amplitude Versus Azimuthal AVAZ analysis has proved to be an important tool for characterizing fracture distributions and orientations of hydrocarbon reservoirs. This paper is aiming at the application of this tool for characterizing the fractures in Bahrain field reservoirs. Better understanding of faults and fractures distribution is essential to(More)
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