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Development of context-aware applications is inherently complex. These applications adapt to changing context information: physical context, computational context , and user context/tasks. Context information is gathered from a variety of sources that differ in the quality of information they produce and that are often failure prone. The pervasive computing(More)
Semantic Web technologies, most notably RDF, are well-suited to cope with typical challenges in spatial data management including analyzing complex relations between entities, integrating heterogeneous data sources and exploiting poorly structured data, e.g., from web communities. Also, RDF can easily represent spatial relationships, as long as the location(More)
AKNOWLEDGMENTS To God, who gave me healthy to develop this work. To my parents Ivone and Lautério, for their love, motivation and support during all moments of my life. To my sister Márcia and my lovely nieces Amanda and Eduarda. Thank you for everything. To my advisor Cirano Iochpe, for the knowledge and experience that I gained working with him. Thanks(More)