Daniela Mayumi Ushizima Sabino

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Despite its ubiquity in image data, a formal approach or precise definition of texture does not exist [1]. An acceptable approach is to describe texture as a repeating pattern of local variations in image intensity which are too fine to be distinguished as separate objects at the observed resolution [2]. Texture has been widely used in image segmentation,(More)
Laser wakefield particle accelerators have shown the potential to generate electric fields thousands of times higher than those of conventional accelerators. The resulting extremely short particle acceleration distance could yield a potential new compact source of energetic electrons and radiation , with wide applications from medicine to physics.(More)
One potential solution to reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the geologic storage of captured CO2 in underground rock formations, also known as carbon sequestration. There is ongoing research to guarantee that this process is both efficient and safe. We describe tools that provide measurements of media porosity, and permeability(More)
—We present a new multiscale method for corner detection. The proposed algorithm embodies an undecimated wavelet decomposition of the angulation signal of a shape contour to identify significant points on it. It detects peaks that persist through several scales from the correlation signal between scales of its non-orthogonal sub-band decompositions. These(More)
A detailed understanding of high-performance computer (HPC) file system read and write (I/O) workloads allows stakeholders to evaluate the effectiveness of the I/O infrastructure and identify bottlenecks and other issues. Always-on, server-side monitoring, like that provided by the Lustre Monitoring Tool, permits a comprehensive and nonintrusive mechanism(More)