Daniela Marić Pfannkuchen

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Mass appearances of the toxic dinoflagellate genus Ostreopsis are known to cause dangerous respiratory symptoms in humans exposed to aerosols. The outbreaks can appear in shallow marine waters of temperate regions around the globe. We followed a massive bloom event on a public beach on the northern Adriatic coast near Rovinj, Croatia. We identified the(More)
The taxonomy of the class Calcarea has long relied on histological and morphological characters, with a few molecular studies done. In character-poor genera, such as Clathrina, an integrative taxonomy, associating morphological and molecular tools, greatly aids in the species identification. In this study, we describe four Clathrina species from the(More)
The settling of diatoms as fouling organisms on a certain substrate is greatly infl uenced by substrate characteristics and the preferences of a diatom community and diatom species. A distinction among substrates can be made by analysing the specifi c abundance and composition of diatoms on different substrates. In this study, 11 different artifi cial(More)
Every surface that is immersed in seawater becomes rapidly covered with an unavoidable biofi lm. Such biofi lm formation, also known as fouling, is a complex multistage process and not yet thoroughly investigated. In this study, the succession of diatoms and bacteria was investigated during a one month exposure on an artifi cial substrate of plexiglass(More)
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