Daniela Luzi

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The paper illustrates the system WITH (Write on Internet clinical Trials in Haematology) which supports the writing of a clinical trial (CT) document. The requirements of this system have been defined analysing the writing process of a CT and then modelling the content of its sections together with their logical and temporal relationships. The system WITH(More)
The main topic of our research is health care unit (HCU) reengineering. To this aim, a guideline oriented conceptual model of HCUs was developed. In order to map this conceptual model into an information system with a client-server architecture, a guideline server is needed. The guideline concept and its life cycle are introduced and the main functions of(More)
The clinical trial has to be rigidly followed because it identifies a uniform clinical behaviour, which has to be adopted by the different physicians carrying out the test. The life cycle of the clinical trial is therefore based on a planning and definition phase, a next experimental phase connected with its diffusion to the involved centres and finally an(More)
In the paper some results of the modelling of the clinical trial (CT) process are presented. CT research is a complex process which includes the protocol editing, its use and implementation in the CT experimentation, and the evaluation of the results. To improve the medical research, it is necessary to consider the CT research process as a whole. We(More)
Clinical investigations (CIs) are carried out to demonstrate safety and efficacy of new Medical Devices (MDs). The presence of many stakeholders participating in CIs makes it necessary to develop a common standard language to achieve semantic interoperability among systems and organizations. In Italy the National Research Council is carrying out a project(More)
This paper proposes a conceptual framework to design a dimensional model based on the HL7 Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) standard. The adoption of this framework can represent a possible solution to facilitate the integration of heterogeneous information systems in a clinical data warehouse. This can simplify the Extract, Transform and Load (ETL)(More)
Looking at Open Science and Open Data from a broad perspective. This is the idea behind "Scientific data sharing: an interdisciplinary workshop", an initiative designed to foster dialogue between scholars from different scientific domains which was organized by the Istituto Italiano di Antropologia in Anagni, Italy, 2-4 September 2013.We here report(More)