Daniela Leal Musa

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This paper presents how text-mining techniques can be used to analyze an enterprise's external environment searching for competitors, related products and services, marketing strategies and customers' opinions. A case study, using the UNCTAD Electronic Trading Opportunities (ETO) System, is presented. The ETO system enables " Trade Points " and(More)
This paper presents architecture for the exchange of learner's model information between e-learning systems on the Web. The present work is part of a current project intended to present an adaptive content associated to a particular student profile, the AdaptWeb ® Project. The Web Service technology is used since it allows the easy communication between Web(More)
An adaptive e-learning system needs meaningful information about the learners, the user profile, to achieve a correct content tuning for each of the students. The gathering of this information is a laborious and time-consuming task motivating the interchange and enhancement of user profile. This paper describes an approach designed for sharing learners'(More)
This paper describes an alarm manager aimed at monitoring students' activities in online courses over the Internet. The goal is to show an alarm manager to give more support to distance teaching, and help the teacher to have a thorough follow-up of distance students, thus minimizing the teacher's task of looking for information in long reports or complex(More)
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