Daniela Leal Musa

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This paper presents how text-mining techniques can be used to analyze an enterprise's external environment searching for competitors, related products and services, marketing strategies and customers' opinions. A case study, using the UNCTAD Electronic Trading Opportunities (ETO) System, is presented. The ETO system enables " Trade Points " and(More)
This paper presents architecture for the exchange of learner's model information between e-learning systems on the Web. The present work is part of a current project intended to present an adaptive content associated to a particular student profile, the AdaptWeb ® Project. The Web Service technology is used since it allows the easy communication between Web(More)
An adaptive e-learning system needs meaningful information about the learners, the user profile, to achieve a correct content tuning for each of the students. The gathering of this information is a laborious and time-consuming task motivating the interchange and enhancement of user profile. This paper describes an approach designed for sharing learners'(More)
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